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Arachnys country audits offer an up to date, deep dive investigation into the data and regulatory landscapes of key markets worldwide.

The reports analyse sources such as corporate registries, news and litigation with the aim to educate you about the availability, quality and challenges associated with the data in each market. Some of the regions we have covered so far are Brazil, China, UAE and Nigeria.

Paul May

Editor at Arachnys

Arachnys partners with ClarifiedBy.com for Middle East & North Africa research

We’re pleased to announce the integration of Diligencia’s ClarifiedBy.com for Investigator and D3, available as of today. ClarifiedBy.com contains company information on the Middle East & North Africa region.

Arachnys leads to key discovery in the investigation of suspect on FBI’s Most Wanted by global investigations firm

A global investigation firm has conducted a high-profile investigation which demonstrates the importance of combining emerging market data with corporate and litigation information.

How does Intelligence Augmentation work?

Intelligence augmentation is used less frequently than artificial intelligence in everyday lexicon; somehow it has not become one of the buzzwords that many associate with emerging technologies. However, compliance professionals should take heed.

How we solved load testing & scalability issues with Kong

To ensure that our clients are not able to abuse our services and maintain visibility of usage, we needed a way of authenticating API requests whilst simultaneously incorporating throttling or rate limiting.

Collaboration across jurisdictions: why ICIJ won the Pulitzer Prize

In an industry landscape where newsrooms are shrinking, with funds for investigative reporting diminished, the ICIJ have fittingly won the Pulitzer for explanatory reporting. Their achievement demonstrates the value of cross-jurisdictional collaboration in financial reporting, and a ‘slow-burn’...

Product Update: New integrations

We have some exciting new updates to both D3 and Investigator this month, with access to new third-party sources:

Diversified risk: Deutsche Bank challenge the industry to find the right compliance tech

Deutsche Bank’s new leadership is progressing in their attempts to overhaul compliance, and may lead cultural change for the industry.

The Bahamas Leaks are breaking - where to begin

Following the Panama Papers leaks, 1.3 million documents from the commercial register in the Bahamas have been obtained by Suddeutsche Zeitung, the same newspaper which received the Panama Papers from Mossack Fonseca: the Panamanian firm have also created 15,915 entities in the Bahamas. Whilst...

Behind the Paywall: SSM & 1MDB of Malaysia

After enjoying a reputation for several years as an open, middle income economy, Malaysia has been the subject of numerous scandals related to the divestment of public funds into shell companies.

US Citizen takes injunction against French government over trust secrecy ...and wins

On May 10th, the French tax administration passed a law which would enable public access to the national register of trusts, on the constitutionality of the ‘Decree’. Subsequently, public access to the Trust register was suspended on 22nd July 2016 by the highest court in France, the Conseil...