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Arachnys country audits offer an up to date, deep dive investigation into the data and regulatory landscapes of key markets worldwide.

The reports analyse sources such as corporate registries, news and litigation with the aim to educate you about the availability, quality and challenges associated with the data in each market. Some of the regions we have covered so far are Brazil, China, UAE and Nigeria.

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Commercial data from 200 countries, Arachnys helps you search

The Chinese blog of Global Investigative Journalistm Network profiled Arachnys and gave a review of the products, Arachnys Compass and research papers.

Vous vous demandez à quoi sert l’open data ? Allez voir en Ukraine

An article on the French news website Rue89 mentions the 2015 Arachnys Compass in a piece on open data and the fight against corruption in Ukraine.

To combat corruption, Ukraine becomes a world leader for open registers

"In the latest Arachnys Compass ranking of openness, Ukraine “received our maximum score in the corporate category,” Long says, and was only squeezed out of the overall No.1 spot by USA and UK."

Alarm bells ring as ‘dirty cash’ floods UK property market

"When David Cameron, the British prime minister, vowed to crack down on the dirty money flowing into UK property, the real estate industry took note. While some dismissed it as an attempt to create headlines, others saw his remarks as signalling greater scrutiny.

Global Transparency Failures Endure, Adding Risk

"... In the Arachnys report, Britain ranked No. 2 behind the United States, with an overall score of 83 out of a possible 100. It fared best in the areas of corporate transparency (perfect score of 100), but received scores of 75 and 74 for litigation and media transparency, respectively. Other...

Arachnys launches software for 'industrial scale' due diligence

Arachnys launches software for ‘industrial scale’ due diligence

  • Arachnys D3 software automates time-consuming compliance processes that are prone to human error,

  • Searches deep web for litigation, sanctions, adverse media coverage and range of other information,

  • Cuts average time required...