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Arachnys country audits offer an up to date, deep dive investigation into the data and regulatory landscapes of key markets worldwide.

The reports analyse sources such as corporate registries, news and litigation with the aim to educate you about the availability, quality and challenges associated with the data in each market. Some of the regions we have covered so far are Brazil, China, UAE and Nigeria.

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De-risking Correspondent Banking: Mitigating Exposure 

Organized criminal networks, operating across national borders, offer of the clearest and most immediate example of how a financial institution can be exposed to financial crime risk through Correspondent Banking relationships. Despite the growth of alternative remittance channels and the...

De-risking Correspondent Banking: Risk of Financial Isolation

Given the evident financial crime and compliance risks inherent in some correspondent banking relationships the most rational solution for a financial institution might appear to be a de-risking program.

De-risking Correspondent Banking

Correspondent banking has been in a state of deep decline. As Reuters reported last year, the decline shows no sign in slowing. The Financial Stability Board (which co-ordinates G20 regulations) conducted a global survey suggesting that emerging markets, particularly small economies, are...

Arachnys and Fenergo Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

Two major solution providers in regulatory compliance join forces to leverage complementary technologies.

The Paradise Papers: Panama's Labyrinth

The Paradise Papers is a special investigation by 94 media partners worldwide, and the ICIJ, into the leak of 13.4m files from two offshore service providers and 19 tax haven’s company registries, following last year’s Panama Papers. If the Panama Paper's unprecendented size illustrated the...

Arachnys partners with Thomson Reuters to include World-Check data in Arachnys D3

Arachnys, the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for assessing financial crime customer risk and ensuring compliance for regulatory CDD, KYC and EDD requirements, have partnered with Thomson Reuters to provide access to World-Check data via their risk and compliance process technology,...

Enhanced Global Coverage: Arachnys extends source access to enable research on a global scale

Over 1,500 additional global sources are now available to search and access via Arachnys Investigator and D3, spanning corporate, regulatory, litigation, and local language datasets.

Key findings from ACAMS FinCrime conference Las Vegas 2017

Arachnys attended ACAMS FinCrime conference in Las Vegas last week. 

Arachnys partners with ClarifiedBy.com for Middle East & North Africa research

We’re pleased to announce the integration of Diligencia’s ClarifiedBy.com for Investigator and D3, available as of today. ClarifiedBy.com contains company information on the Middle East & North Africa region.

Arachnys leads to key discovery in the investigation of suspect on FBI’s Most Wanted by global investigations firm

A global investigation firm has conducted a high-profile investigation which demonstrates the importance of combining emerging market data with corporate and litigation information.