David Buxton

David Buxton 

Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014

Technology in your compliance program

In the second article for her two-part feature on technology in the compliance sector Julie DiMauro spoke to the Arachnys CEO David Buxton about the importance of compliance professionals understanding the technology that drives their businesses and produces the data they need to manage risk.

Talking about making data work for compliance David said: “Media accounts are helpful, but we have to do a huge amount of cleansing work in order to make it useful, especially when we’re talking about countries that don’t use English.”

“Many other governments publish blacklists and sanctions lists, such as Canada, the EU, Australia, and others, including emerging markets like Indonesia, which publishes lists of companies banned from public procurement,” Buxton said. “Multilaterals such as the World Bank contribute such lists as well.”

To read more of David’s comments and the article in full please click through to the FCPA blog here.

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