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Ed Long 

Posted Wednesday December 10, 2014

New access to Chinese trade data through Arachnys

New access to Chinese trade data through Arachnys

Opening up Chinese Customs data to Arachnys users In July this year we launched our first premium data integration, providing access to shipping bills of lading from the US and Latin America through a partnership with New York startup Panjiva. Today, we are launching access to Chinese trade data, giving our customers the ability to independently verify trade volumes recorded by otherwise opaque Chinese companies.

China has long been a high-priority market for enhanced due diligence among our customers: over the last year there were 2.5 times as many searches run in China on our platform than on the next most popular country. Today we are launching a further source developed with Panjiva that provides an additional level of detail on Chinese entities.

Our new Global Supplier Directory source integrates official supplier profile information from China’s Customs Administration as well as those from the United States, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

Ship Image credit: Buonasera, CC-By-SA, via Wikimedia Commons


Searches can be run by either English company name or Chinese company name (e.g. Foxconn or 富士康). Any Country searches run in the China, USA, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Uruguay or International libraries will return results from this source.

The profile source is named in the field marked ‘Data available’. Records from Chinese customs are marked ‘Chinese Trade Data’.

Global Supplier Directory

Chinese company names

One stumbling block for overseas investigators working with Chinese third parties are unreliable translation of company names. Nearly all official corporate information on Chinese companies is in Chinese, but an investigator may only have an English name to work from.

The new Chinese Trade Data integration lists any known Chinese company names, enabling investigators to more reliably query other Chinese language sources for further registration information.

Record 1

Exports by HTS category

While individual bills of lading are not available for Chinese customs data, profiles include a breakdown of exports by category of goods, using the Harmonised Tariff Schedule (HTS) code. The table displays the total value of exports for each code as well as the percentage of all exports for that company that it represents.

Record 2


Access to the Global Supplier Directory source is included at no additional cost for all existing Arachnys customers.

If you’d like to know more about our new bills of lading data or simply to learn more about the Arachnys platform please get in touch with your account manager or write to support@arachnys.com.

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