Annegret Funke

Annegret Funke 

Posted Tuesday February 3, 2015

More languages in more markets: Search Arachnys in Kazakh, Burmese and 17 more new languages

More languages in more markets: Search Arachnys in Kazakh, Burmese and 17 more new languages

New languages

Arachnys has added a further 19 languages to the automated translation tool opening up tough compliance markets in African and Asia such as Myanmar or Somalia. In total, Arachnys now supports integrated automated translation tools for 85 languages.

Accessing local language information is one of the major barriers when performing compliance checks in emerging markets with niche languages. This is why the Arachnys platform offers an built-in automated translation feature to give our users a quick sense of the data available in native languages - without having to rely on linguists in the early stages of an investigation. Last year alone, more than 15% of all searches conducted on our platform used this tool. The new language additions address two types of markets. Firstly, those that are of great and sustained interest to our customers such as Kazakhstan. While a lot of government websites are available in Russian and even English, this information can present only an excerpt of the original files in Kazakh. For example, our users can now directly search Adilet, the official database for regulatory legal acts. A sample search for KazTransOil in our country library returns several company announcements:


We also added a number of regional or non-official languages to enhance our users’ research capabilities in fast-growing markets in India, Indonesia and Nigeria. Malayalam, for example, is spoken by 40 million people and the official language of Kerala state in southwest India.

Secondly, Arachnys now supports automated translation for languages in countries that are notoriously difficult to access. When publicly available corporate or litigation data is scarce, news outlets or social media become the most important source to report on misconduct or malpractice - and most of these sources will be written in the native language. Our translation update is going to help investigations in Myanmar and Somalia, both ranking in the bottom 10% of our [Open Data Compass] with very little corporate information and no court records available online.


As our automatic translation relies on machine learning, the quality of translations will improve over time. The same applies to the ability to correctly transcribe names or individuals into foreign character sets. This will also get better the more these new languages are used.

Below you can find a list of the new language additions on Arachnys. If you have any further questions about the automated translation feature offered on the Arachnys platform, simply contact your account manager or send a message to

Bosnian Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burmese Myanmar (Burma)
Cebuano Philippines/Central Visayas
Chichewa, Chewa, Nyanja Malawi
Hausa Nigeria, Niger, Chad
Hmong China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand
Igbo Nigeria
Javanese Indonesia/Java
Kazakh Kazakhstan
Malagasy Madagascar
Malayalam India/Kerala
Sesotho, Southern Sotho Lesotho, South Africa
Sinhala, Sinhalese Sri Lanka
Somali Somalia, Djibouti
Sundanese Indonesia/Java
Tajik Tajikistan
Uzbek Uzbekistan
Yoruba Nigeria, Benin
Zulu South Africa

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