Posted Friday April 3, 2015

Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup: Mass-scale political corruption probes in Panama and Kenya, SEC levies first corporate fine for suppressing whistleblowers and more

  • Panama is to launch a corruption investigation into all assembly members in office during 2010-2014. The investigation, under which 32 officials have already been indicted, relates to theft of millions of dollars from a food aid programme.
  • Kenya’s anti-corruption watchdog has accused 175 government officials of engaging in a wide range of corrupt activities, including abuse of office, interference in tender awards and accepting bribes. Many of the accusations relate to infrastructure projects backed by the Chinese government.
  • Australian police have charged the CEO of fleet management company Orix with making unlawful payments to a Coca Cola employee in order to win vehicle leasing contracts. The payments topped half a million dollars.

And finally, the SEC set a precedent this week in fining a company for suppressing whistleblowers. Houston-based construction firm KBR agreed to pay $130,000 over demanding confidentiality agreements with its staff that might have prevented them from reporting regulatory violations to the relevant authorities. In practice, there were no alleged instances where KBR was accused of preventing employees from reporting to regulators.

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