Posted Friday April 10, 2015

Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup: Asia becoming epicentre for corruption, FLIR agrees $9.5M FCPA settlement, Iceland failing to fight bribery, and more

And finally, several industry blogs this week have highlighted the growing complexity of regulatory compliance and risk management across global markets. Xerox Litigation Services discusses steps to ensure compliance measures don’t get lost in translation while the legal blog Law360 provides a comparison of anti-corruption laws in the US, UK and Brazil. Lastly, the Wall Street Journal interviews risk managers to discuss how the job varies across sectors and companies.

Arachnys weekly update:

New sources: 41

Source of the week: The Morningstar Earnings Call Transcripts provide the full transcripts of shareholder earnings calls for publicly traded companies which contain the names of senior members of the company as well as the list of call participants.

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