Posted Friday May 29, 2015

Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup: Former Petrobras executive sentenced, FIFA corruption scandal sparks further investigations, and more

And finally, the Guardian discusses how platforms such as “I Paid a Bribe” use technology to crowdsource anti-corruption efforts. Users can report instances of bribery or attempts thereof they’ve witnessed, which are then forwarded to the relevant authorities. In Indonesia, the government has itself established a website to allow citizens report misconduct, publishing reports and government replies online.

Arachnys weekly update

We have published our Brazil country audit, the first in a new series of reports that give a broad introduction to the media, litigation and regulatory landscape as well as providing a quick reference to the time and cost associated with ordering company documents in selected countries.

New sources: 29

Source of the week: Kuhonga is a whistleblower website in Kenya that provides a platform for the public to report incidents of corruption in real time.

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