Annegret Funke

Annegret Funke 

Posted Wednesday June 10, 2015

Global PEP Database now available through Arachnys

Global PEP Database now available through Arachnys

PEP bucket

Arachnys understands that reliably identifying senior PEPs and addressing FATF recommendations or national legal requirements is a major concern for all of our users. Regulators have been expanding the scope of relevant legislation, the recently adopted 4th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive for example requires enhanced due diligence procedures for non-domestic PEPs and senior officials from international organisations.

For our premium data integration, we rigorously tested a number of PEP list providers with regards to several criteria: their comprehensiveness and emerging markets coverage, the source of their information and the avoidance of redundant data. The PEP premium data integration, powered by info4c PEP Desk™, is a concise and straightforward database that will be an ideal addition to the existing data sources already available on both Arachnys Investigator and Arachnys D3. The new database contains ca. 700,000 relevant PEP records across more than 240 countries, territories and international organisations. The structure of the data makes it easy to identify and classify potential matches: Profile information includes aliases, names in other scripts, DOB, POB and details about their functions including whether they are current or Ex-PEPs. In line with legal requirements, each individual is assigned at least one of the following categories:

  • Heads of state
  • Cabinet members and ministerial staff
  • Members of parliament
  • Highest members of the judiciary
  • Political and religious leaders
  • Military officials
  • Senior executives of state owned companies
  • National bank governors and members
  • Ambassadors, consuls, diplomats
  • Regional PEPs
  • Family members and closely associated persons to PEPs
  • International Organizations
  • Ex PEPs


PEP Database

The Global PEP database is available as a workflow step within Arachnys D3 and in all country libraries within Arachnys Investigator as well as part of the ‘International’ library. Searches can be run in a variety of ways: by an individual’s name in Latin or original script (e.g. Xie Nanfeng or 谢南峰) or by entering a company’s name to retrieve associated senior PEPs.

Detailed information for each entry

On click-through, there is a detailed profile available for each PEP. There is a functionality built in that allows our users to directly access the profiles of any relatives that are listed on each profile.

Detailed profile

We apply fuzzy matching to all search queries and you can also use the connector available across the entire Arachnys system like OR, AND or NEAR2 to refine your results.


Access to the Global PEP Database is available at no additional cost for all existing Arachnys clients.

If you want to hear more about our latest PEP data integration and learn how Arachnys can help your organisation’s PEP screening process, please get in touch and drop us a line at Please note that all names and data used in this text as well as the images are fictitious.

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