Posted Friday August 7, 2015

Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup: Lukoil indicted for money-laundering in Romania, Ukraine pledges to implement anti-corruption measures, Singapore company accused of facilitating arms shipment to North Korea, U.S. probe into hedge fund payment to Zimbabwe government and more

And finally, FCPA Professor discusses the implications of SEC enforcement action against Mead Johnson Nutrition Company. It argues that the most alarming aspect of the action is that it suggests an obligation to self-report internal investigations even when the latter do not find evidence of FCPA violations. The company’s Chinese subsidiary has been accused of having paid healthcare professionals at government hospitals to recommend its infant formula. Mead Johnson Nutrition agreed to pay $12 million to settle charges.

Arachnys weekly update

This week, we released Arachnys Compass 2015, our annual survey of company and litigation data availability worldwide. The site lists more than 1,200 sources of corporate and legal information from our database and evaluates the volume of data available in each.

In addition to calculating an overall score for each country, the Arachnys Compass shares the key names and links to the sources contributing to a country’s performance, as well as displaying the types of data, such as names of shareholders, available from each source.

New sources: 139

Source of the week:

The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa website contains news and information on state prosecutions as well as other administrative and legislative documents. The site also has a procurement section with details of tenders and bidders.

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