Posted Friday August 14, 2015

Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup: US to seize assets in Uzbek telecom probe, Iran sanctions relief in Switzerland and UK investing more resources to investigate international corruption and more

  • US authorities aim to seize $ 1 billion assets in a corruption case involving three major European telecommunication companies and an Uzbek PEP. The daughter of Uzbek president Islam Karimov is believed to be at the heart of the case.

  • The UK government announced the creation of the International Corruption Unit to investigate cases of overseas bribery and money-laundering. The new multi-agency team will focus on prosecuting corruption cases affecting developing countries.

  • Switzerland lifted sanctions that had already been suspended since January 2014 as a sign of support for the JPOA deal with Iran. The State Department meanwhile warned Swiss companies that the US will continue to enforce its sanctions until the IAEA verified Iran’s compliance with the joint agreement.

And finally, the Guardian is asking whether Pope Francis has already been successful in his mission to clean up the Vatican’s scandal-ridden financial business. Pope Francis had caused a stir last year when he replaced the entire staff of the Vatican’s financial watchdog but continues to face internal opposition to his measures.

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The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) is a British agency regulating the supply of workers to the agricultural, horticultural and shellfish industries. Since 1 October 2006, employers in the above sectors need to be licensed by the authority. The site publishes details of investigations and entities who have had their licences revoked.

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