Posted Friday September 11, 2015

Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup: US Justice Department to prioritize prosecution of individuals, anti-graft protests continue in Moldova, Ghana’s judiciary under investigation, and more

  • The US Justice Department will prioritise the the prosecution of executives involved in white-collar crimes. The new policy is a response to the criticisms that the authority has prosecuted companies but failed to hold individuals accountable under the current administration.

  • Thousands of protesters are taking to the streets in Moldova over the disappearance of $1bn - an eighth of the country’s GDP - from three state-controlled banks. Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet met with demonstrators but said he had no intention to resign.

And finally, the FCPA Blog discusses the increased regulatory scrutiny of private equity funds in the US. Since January, funds have to register as investment advisors with the SEC, and FinCEN is proposing regulation under which private equity funds will have to implement comprehensive AML and compliance programmes.  


Arachnys update:

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Source of the week: Corporate Credit Rating System, run by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce

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