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Arachnys country audits offer an up to date, deep dive investigation into the data and regulatory landscapes of key markets worldwide.

The reports analyse sources such as corporate registries, news and litigation with the aim to educate you about the availability, quality and challenges associated with the data in each market. Some of the regions we have covered so far are Brazil, China, UAE and Nigeria.

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Arachnys partners with ClarifiedBy.com for Middle East & North Africa research

We’re pleased to announce the integration of Diligencia’s ClarifiedBy.com for Investigator and D3, available as of today. ClarifiedBy.com contains company information on the Middle East & North Africa region.


ClarifiedBy.com is the leading online source of company information for the Middle East & North Africa, brought to you by Diligencia’s team of over fifty multi-lingual analysts, researchers and developers, gathering and building proprietary information on the MENA region, across 19 countries.

The analysts gather raw public record data from a range of official sources including:

  • Public liaison offices of government ministries
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Official gazettes
  • Investment authorities
  • Economic free zones
  • Land registries
  • Federal and local courts
  • Private databases
  • Approved legal intermediaries

Company and individual profiles are available in both Arabic / Farsi and English, and have been curated by Diligencia’s team of analysts to ensure the information is accessible and easy to navigate.

Case Scenarios

Viewing regional ownership structures in Saudi Arabia

Many large family-owned conglomerates in the Gulf have subsidiaries or investments spanning the Middle East & North Africa. Diligencia actively map these relationships, enabling a single view of corporate structures across the region. A user was able to establish that a large Saudi construction firm has interests in Bahrain, Egypt, and Kuwait as well as extensive holdings throughout Saudi Arabia. In addition, by navigating its key directors, our client was further able to identify stakes held by the firm’s chairman in companies in Morocco, Lebanon and the UAE.

Tracing ultimate beneficial owners in Algeria

ClarifiedBy.com was used to undertake in-depth research into a company registered in Algeria, in order to find a formal connection between the company and a former shareholder.

The challenge of obtaining information on ownership changes in Algeria stems from the fact that CNRC (Algeria’s official company registration office) will only disclose the names of directors, without specific details of share ownership. Because ClarifiedBy.com also draws on data from Algeria’s official gazette (Bulletin Officiale des Annonces Legales, BOAL) we are often able to provide more information than is available online.

This integration further enhances Arachnys’ capabilities in the MENA region, with company filings, directorships and litigation checks all available on request.

Nouri Bakkali, founder and CEO of Diligencia, commented:

“I have been impressed by the way Arachnys is using technology to disrupt the traditional model of delivering due diligence. In a similar way ClarifiedBy.com is looking to give our customers easy access to curated public record information from the MENA region that has not traditionally been available online.”

ClarifiedBy.com is currently available as Company Search (both in English and Arabic) in Arachnys Investigator.*

*There is a limit to the number of requests which can be made without a subscription. Please contact your account manager if you would like to arrange a subscription.