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Paul May Editor at Arachnys

Posted 31.01.18

Enhanced Global Coverage: Arachnys extends source access to enable research on a global scale

Over 1,500 additional global sources are now available to search and access via Arachnys Investigator and D3, spanning corporate, regulatory, litigation, and local language datasets.

There is no additional charge for enhancing your account’s source coverage.


This enhanced dataset will extend Arachnys’s access to over 22,000 open domain sources. Paired with our outstanding access to emerging market sources, Arachnys offers unrivaled expert-curated global source coverage.

Which regions will have an increased number of search results?

Arachnys continuously searches across sources in 200+ countries. Enhanced Global sources have been added in France, Germany, USA, Spain, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Austria, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Israel, Malta, Algeria, Luxembourg, Cyprus, New Zealand, and Greece.

Is historical content available from the newly added sources?

We currently allow search of historical news content for over 1,500 sources for the last 18 months, and aim to extend this further in the coming months.

How can I gain access to the new sources?


Or contact your account manager to discuss FREE activation of our Enhanced Coverage and see a demo.

Arachnys is a technology company that simplifies the process of conducting enhanced due diligence. Our clients use us to manage their regulatory and reputation based risk in-house, going far above and beyond basic sanctions and PEP list screening.

We save time and money on expensive and ineffective processes – removing the cost of outsourcing research or finding sources manually. We are the leading disruptive force in the industry, now adopted by 3 of the world’s top 10 investment banks and 4 of the world’s top 10 accountancy companies.

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Paul May

Paul May

Editor at Arachnys

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