Steve Mann

Steve Mann 

Posted 43.04.18

Making the World Safer With Customer Risk Intelligence


It's not about finding the bad guys after they’re already inside, its about locking them out before they reach the front door.

I’ve been in enterprise software longer than I care to admit…  as an engineer, product manager, strategist, partner manager, sales guy and yes, a marketeer (my parents wished I had gone into medicine but that’s another story). I thought I’d seen it all, but I hadn’t. I’ve never seen such a confused market, as the one for KYC, AML and EDD technology.

Recently, Chartis research  published a vendor analysis of KYC vendors. Initially, Arachnys was thrilled to be included. In fact, we were ranked as a category leader!  Even more exciting. But then it set in. By my count, fourteen other vendors were either in the leader quadrant or positioned close enough to the “border” as to be considered an important player.

And there’s the rub.

If everyone’s a category leader, then no one is a category leader…that’s the truth. Not one vendor shines, or they shine at the same level of dullness as the other.  Not one solves your problems better than another (or at all).

But Arachnys does. We aim to see the world in a different way, and that drove us to create a Customer Risk Intelligence platform. We are dedicated to helping make the world a safer place and to assist FIs in meeting the new remits being foisted on them by intense market dynamics:

  • Implementing real-time money laundering prevention

  • Transforming their onboarding experience

  • Improving regulatory reporting to deliver comprehensive compliance

  • Creating and leveraging a Risk Knowledge Management platform

  • Ensuring employee empowerment


CRI is an entirely new paradigm for to Client Onboarding, KYC, CDD, EDD and AML investigative activities.  It enhances the speed, accuracy, and re-use of information for KYC/Onboarding; it enhances the customer experience; it streamlines compliance efforts and transforms investigative “know-how” into an institutional asset.The CRI foundation includes:  a cloud-native solution suitable for global use, an entity-centric model for coordinating and optimizing investigations; a curated online information library tailored to the firm’s compliance policies, and risk knowledge management capabilities for capturing, organizing and leveraging prior analyst work.  Once in place, CRI harnesses and transforms a firm’s institutional and people assets for competitive differentiation and true financial crime prevention.


It's about...

Creation of an always-on, perpetually accurate view of an entity.

  • Customer -

Providing the policy management and risk data library

  • Risk

Acquiring, curating and orchestrating the business policies, content and investigative process to make informed risk decisions

  • Intelligence

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