Posted Dec 4, 2018 3:00:00 AM

Arachnys Unveils Customer Risk Intelligence Suite Transforming the Intersection of Entity Data and Investigative Intelligence

Customer Risk Intelligence Accelerates Revenue by Augmenting Compliance and Operations to Empower the Investigative Minds That Secure Our World  

London, New York - December 04, 2018: Arachnys, the leader in Customer Risk Intelligence (CRI) solutions for Client Onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence & Enhanced Due Diligence (CDD/EDD) and Anti Money Laundering (AML), today announced the launch of their CRI cloud-native platform.

Customer Risk Intelligence is an entirely new approach to Client Onboarding, KYC, CDD, EDD and AML investigative activities. It enhances the speed, accuracy and re-use of information for KYC and onboarding; uplifts the customer experience; accelerates revenue acquisition, streamlines compliance efforts and transforms investigative “know-how” into an institutional asset.

The capabilities inherent in the Arachnys Customer Risk Intelligence platform address rapidly changing market dynamics which are compelling financial institutions, around the world, to focus on five “must-do” initiatives: real-time money laundering interdiction, competitive differentiation with accelerated client onboarding, syndication of investigative knowledge, re-use of compliance data exhaust and analyst empowerment.

With Customer Risk Intelligence, financial institutions can trim weeks from onboarding times to drive topline revenue, avoid the sunk expense of AML remediation cost and dramatically increase investigative throughput by reducing false-positives and QA error rates.

The foundations for a firms’ Customer Risk Intelligence platform are: a cloud-native solution suitable for global use; an entity-centric infrastructure and approach to compliance investigations; a curated online information library tailored to the firm’s compliance policies and risk knowledge management capability for capturing, organizing and leveraging prior analyst work. Once in place, CRI harnesses and transforms a firm’s institutional and people assets for competitive differentiation and true financial crime prevention.

“Banks today face significant KYC challenges in sourcing data, extracting meaningful intelligence and efficiently and accurately assessing risk. An approach that solves for these bottlenecks will help improve customer experience, support regulatory compliance and contribute to KYC revenue enhancement,” said Neil Katkov, Head of Risk and Compliance at Celent. “A modern, cloud-based platform, coupled with an entity-centric approach, provides the lingua franca for evaluating corporate-wide risk and exposure. To do this, these capabilities must be delivered at critical junctures within the customer risk evaluation lifecycle.”

“We are solving extremely complex problems that require significant levels of financial crime and bank operations domain expertise which few, if any, other KYC, AML and Due Diligence solution providers have,” said Edward Sander, President at Arachnys. “Arachnys alone possesses the unique capability to acquire and distill complex risk data into highly useful risk decision content, the cloud and financial crime domain expertise and advanced technology mastery to create a consumable Customer Risk Intelligence platform. We’re at the intersection of a paradigm shift in the market for how entity data and investigative intelligence can transform business performance and we’re passionate about empowering investigative minds to stop bad actors and make the world a safer place.”


About Arachnys:  

Arachnys is a leader in Customer Risk Intelligence. We harness the world’s information to empower the investigative minds that secure our world. Our cloud-native, customer risk intelligence platform enables financial institutions worldwide to thwart bad actors, reduce operational costs, accelerate topline revenue, decrease false positives and reduce rejection and error rates. It ensures a firm’s KYC, AML and CDD capabilities support regulatory compliance demands. Arachnys’ unique use of RPA and ML technologies garnered it a 2018 “KYC Category Leader” rating from Chartis Research and placed it in the Chartis RiskTech 100, which identifies and profiles the top 100 RiskTech global providers. The company also garnered its inaugural ranking in the RegTech 100.  Arachnys is the newest member of the venture capital firm QED’s portfolio.

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