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Posted 34.28.17

Product Update: New integrations



We have some exciting new updates to both D3 and Investigator this month, with access to new third-party sources:


YJ Legal [企业工商数据]

Our YJ Legal integration provides API access to court records in China. The results page directly indicates the court, case number and type of case, and gives you a snapshot of the subject to help you quickly identify cases of relevance. This integration is available free of charge to all our customers.



vLex is a market-leading case law search platform. It provides access to legal documents in Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Canada, the US and India. vLex allows you to filter by country or state, restrict to party name and filter by date range. It is available to both D3 and Investigator customers. 

Courts covered:

Source: vLex


image (2).png



OpenGazettes (provided by OpenCorporates) searches gazette notices from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands. It is included at no extra charge in the country libraries under Corporate Data for the countries above. It is also included under Shareholder / Director search workflow steps.

Despite a 300-year-old legacy and being the public record for legal notices, government gazettes (also called official journals in some EU countries) are astonishingly poorly known outside, even by those who are affected by their contents.

Open Corporates

Gazettes are particularly useful when researching critical events such as liquidation, dissolution, winding-up orders, annual general meetings or director actions. 



For subscribers, we now have the capability to search Dow Jones Risk & Compliance within a D3 workflow. Dow Jones provide an extensive database of PEPs, Sanctions and entity-based manually-researched adverse media.



Wisers is a provider of news data across China and adjacent jurisdictions. Wisers covers newspapers, online news content, agency news, government publication and magazines in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Data is provided in simplified, traditional Chinese as well as English. It is available to all D3 and Investigator customers. 


EMIS provides detailed company profiles and financial reports for over 1.4M private and public companies from 125+ emerging markets and 250+ industries. In addition, with 25,000+ news articles from 2,500+ renowned sources added every day, EMIS provides great emerging market news coverage. It is available at a surcharge to both D3 and Investigator customers. 

We are constantly enriching our product with our content partners to evolve and grow our due diligence content. Stay tuned for more exciting integrations for D3 and Investigator. 

If you would like more information or a brief demo of the newest integrations, please do get in touch with us at


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Paul May

Paul May

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